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Throughout Carlton County, numerous types of auto repair shops are waiting to serve drivers. Many of these auto centers offer a limited range of services. At Barnum Automotive, LLC, we maintain a state-of-the-art facility that is properly equipped to handle everything from diagnostics and fluid replacements to transmission replacements, heating and cooling services and more. More than that, our service center is staffed by skilled mechanics with ASE certifications. Our mechanics always focus on erasing all signs of wear and damage for each client. Through their solid effort at generating exceptional results and their use of high-quality replacement parts, we can assure you that we can address all of your auto repair and service needs to your satisfaction in our reputable shop.


At Barnum Automotive, LLC, we do more than repair and maintain cars. We want each customer to have a great overall experience. Our team will always give you a friendly smile when you bring your car into our shop. We maintain open communication with a focus on honesty and integrity. You can feel confident that you will receive straight answers from our mechanics about the condition of your vehicle and about its needs. With our fair rates and our focus on establishing great relationships with our satisfied customers throughout Carlton County, we assure you that your vehicle is in great hands when you bring it to Barnum Automotive, LLC.


Terry Sandberg’s passion for auto service and repair began before he graduated from high school. After graduating, he decided to enroll in an auto mechanics program at Lake Superior College. After completing this degree in 1981, he started working for himself by running a towing and auto repair shop based in his parents’ garage. Over the years, Terry has grown his business from the ground up by providing consistently excellent service to each customer served, and he is proud of the fact that many of Barnum Automotive’s customers choose to return to the shop for their vehicles’ ongoing care.


Terry and his entire team of hardworking mechanics understand that continued training is essential in order to keep up with changes in the auto industry. They regularly pursue educational opportunities so that they can consistently provide great service to customers. Over the last 38 years, Terry has earned a well-deserved reputation for providing great auto repair service to his customers and for delivering a better overall experience to many loyal customers.


Regardless of the type of auto repair or service that your vehicle requires in Carlton County today, the diligent and conscientious mechanics at Barnum Automotive, LLC are ready to help. For immediate service when you arrive, call our auto repair shop today to schedule an appointment.

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